It’s not Speed, it’s Strength

4 04 2010

A new article I thought of.

With a name like this you’d expect this article to be about athlete performance. No. It’s about office work, or just work overall. I want to clarify the concept of strength.

Have you ever been motivated to do something, and suddenly had that fire inside? You just went mad and decided “I want to do this now? I wanna go crazy?”. Many people think that concept is speed. You are sped up. Your heart races. When someone suddenly gets that drive and they get more done in the same amount of time, you assume all that motivation, all that drive they had gave them more speed.

It’s not more speed. It’s more strength.

Many people think this concept is speed. This is, they get motivated, they start working twice as fast, but they end up in a spree of badly done work. They sprint through a task and didn’t do anything right. But they don’t understand why. The other person got motivated, he just got that fire and did everything faster and better. How come they tried it, and did it faster, but worse?

The secret is, that person didn’t do it faster. He did it stronger.

When you get motivation to do a task, and you have that extra energy, that extra drive, to the outside it might appear as if you have more speed. Not the case. You actually have more strength. More power. You are just as paused and relaxed as before. That driving force didn’t increase your speed. It just made you stronger at the same speed.

So next time you become motivated, have that fire inside, remember that. Don’t try to be faster. Try to be stronger at the same speed. That is the way you’ll do things right.

This is something that comes from experience in life. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t force trying to understand it. Either it happens naturally or it doesn’t.

So, apply this concept now. The next time you motivate yourself, that you have that driving force, remember. Don’t be faster. Be stronger at the same speed.


Get That Task Done Now! Patricio Performance Exclusive Article

4 04 2010

I wrote this article exclusively for my blog. So you won’t find it at my ArticlesBase, EzineArticles or other sites.

This article is called “Get that Task Done Now!”. It’s a set of simple keys to, well, getting that task done now!

I am going to share with you right now some secrets to get anything done right now. Be it a task. Be it a training session. How can you harness incredible power and do it right now, with power, in the right way? How can you eliminate procrastination, dragging, and do it right here, right now?

I will distill this power in simple and easy keys.

● Eliminate everything around you
Whatever it is you’re doing, in order to do it right, do only that task. Do not do multiple things at once, do not talk with people while doing the task. Do not check your email, answer phone calls, or otherwise interrupt yourself. Focus on the task and only on the task right now.

You might say: I can’t maintain total attention for an unlimited amount of time on the same task. True. Set a limit time. For example, 10 minutes or 15 minutes. For the next 10 minutes, you will completely focus on the task at hand and only on that task. Eliminate distractions, ignore people, flush out interruptions.

● Snap
Have you ever watched one of those movies where the character suddenly snaps? He’s young, immature, making it without any dedication. Suddenly he gets serious. He realizes he can lose it all. And in an instant, he snaps.

He changes his expression and just says “I’m gonna win this”. It’s like he changed dimensions. Suddenly, everything from before vanishes. Doesn’t matter. He’s going to do it this time, and he’s going to do it right here and right now. Nothing else matters. Do that.

● Be indifferent and disciplined
Do it. Does it take hard work? Face the challenge. Does it take facing your fears? Do it. For a moment, take all your rights away. Imagine you have only duties. Imagine you are a soldier going to war. Imagine you have to make a sacrifice, serve someone. Have that sense of urgency, that sense of purpose, that sense of sacrifice.

Do not care about your personal opinions, quarrels, tastes. For a moment, throw all that away. Adopt a mentality of “No matter what happens I’m going to do this”. You are in the middle of the crossfire. You might take a bullet and back out, or you might keep on going. You might face what you don’t like, receive answers you don’t appreciate, give your all and realize it was meaningless and you have to give another all. Whatever it is, do it. Be indifferent and disciplined.

● Switch, cut, flow
Clarity is power. Your task is not an amalgam of work. It is a structured division of subtasks. Find them. Split it into parts. Do part one. Do part two. Part three’s too complicated. Split it into parts.

Switch, cut, flow. Be like a factory machine. Automatic and efficient. Do not care about superficial things. Care about them when you’re in your normal life. Not right now when you’re working at your full capacity.

Eliminate value judgments. This task is hard. Okay. This task will take time. Okay. Ignore all judgments. Either you do it or not. Switch, cut, flow. Don’t take it wrongly. I’m not telling you to ignore emotions, motivation, or others. Do have them. But deconstruct them, use them, switch, cut, flow. Don’t focus on something too much, focus on everything properly.

These are four pillars, four quick fixes you might say, to get that task done right now. Don’t use them with too much hurry or too much motivation. Be paused and focused. But take that additional drive and put it to use.