Support for Students!

5 04 2010

Considering that I’m a student myself, and also how the needs of a student relate to those of some similar categories I already cover in this blog, such as office workers, CEOs, or athlets, I am adding support to students from now in my blog.

So, if you’re a student, expect to see new content specifically for you soon!


Blog Opening

4 04 2010

Hello, everyone. How are you doing?

This blog is a new creation of mine for the purpose of providing some value on the peak performance area. Due to both my own experience and my experience in coaching others, I have discovered some techniques that can allow us to reach the next level.

I’d like to state, first of all, that this blog is directed. This is not a blog about general peak performance. This is specifically directed at athletes, office workers, CEOs, musicians, and actors.

However, will the contents of this blog work for other people? Sure. I am just telling you what to expect.

That aside, expect some fantastic content soon!